Welcome to SFU eSports Association.

We strive to create exciting, competitive and fun events for the students of Simon Fraser University!

Our team members come from multiple different faculties and concentrations, bringing their unique skills and talents to various areas of the organization.

Rui Yang Xu
VP Internal
Rui Yang Xu is 2nd year student. As a huge follower of esports (and the resident TSM fanboy), he has been constantly adding to his knowledge on all the esports communities since his start in season 1 of League of Legends. He hopes to stay involved in the esports community and help it grow for as long as he can.
Justin Lau
Derian Chow
VP External
Derian Chow is a 3rd year student in majoring in Interactive Arts and Technology. Having played League of Legends since 2011, Derian has also reached Master/Grandmaster tier in Overwatch. With experience in working with eSport teams and staff within the industry, as well as sponsorship planning for school events, he expects to bring forth and improve the SFU eSports infrastructure to be the best it can possibly be.
Kevin Gomez
VP Engagement
Kevin has enjoyed gaming all his life but the only games he has ever been good at are card games. Playing at high levels in the Pokemon TCG, Magic the Gathering and most recently Hearthstone, who knows what he’ll go to next. Currently a 4th year communications student and doing co-op Kevin hopes to still be useful to growing SFU e-sports as a VP involved with internal affairs.
Devon Zhao
Devon is a third year Economics major. Failing to resist the band-wagon, he started playing League near the end of the first season. He has always been active in the local community and thought joining SFU eSports was the best way to combine his passions.
Tina Chen
Tina is the secretary for SFU eSports. She have been playing eSports since the Starcraft II heydays, but one boring and cold winter break in 2014 hooked her into the deep, dark void we call League of Legends. She loves being able to connect with her friends both in-game and in real life through eSports and hopes to play with all of you soon!
Patrick Camastra
Director of Social Media
Patrick “Paddy40” Camastra is a second year Communications Major at SFU. Originally from Toronto, Patrick has been living in Vancouver, managing the social media and helping organize and manage events for SFU eSports since 2016. Patrick is a Twitch streamer under the alias of “Paddy40" who became interested in e-Sports in 2012, and still to this day watches and competes in a variety of e-Sports including Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Super Smash Bros. 4.
Katie Guo
Director of Social Media
Katie is a fifth year history major. She has been playing League of Legends since Season 1 but her favorite genre of games are hack and slash dungeon crawlers. She is the social media manager for both SFU eSports Association as well as the SFU uLoL team.
Game Directors
Victoria Leung
League of Legends Director
Jordan Hong Tai
Hearthstone Director
Jordan "TheJordude" Hong Tai has been a professional gamer for compLexity Gaming since early 2015. Originally starting his career in Hearthstone, he has also become one of the leading names in the Western Shadowverse community. Competing at the highest levels, he is also a content producer and streamer.
Jerry Yang
CS:GO Coordinator
Jerry is currently studying Business with a concentration in Finance at SFU. His role in the eSports club includes managing general events, as well as managing events for FPS games. He got involved in eSports in around 2011 with Street Fighter 4, before later moving onto Counter-Strike GO in 2014. In his spare time he like to play games and record music.
Stella Park
Overwatch Director
Stella “Chrysis” Park is currently a 3rd year Criminology student at SFU. Developing an early interest in League of Legends in 2013, she has been expanding her e-sports experience by playing Overwatch since the first season, along with Steam games and Nintendo. She one day expects to be a part of the management department in the e-sports industry.
Quincy Ho
Creative Director
Kenneth Juang
Kenneth Juang is a 2nd year student at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. He has an athletic background in rugby, baseball, and tennis, translating into his love for competitiveness in general. His first steps into eSports began with the game Tribes: Ascend, and eventually led to Smite, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As a photographer, he aspires to capture unforgettable moments, transcending time.
Eugene Chak
Eugene is a 3rd year business student concentrating in Management Information Systems. He quickly developed an interest in video games and esports, with the first mainstream esports game he played being League of Legends. Besides gaming, he is a technology enthusiast and he hopes to bring this passion and experience to help with web experience of SFU eSports!
Sabrina Kan
Director of Visual Media
Wei Chun
Hey there, my name is Wei and I am International Student studying Engineering at SFU. My hobbies include hiking, basketball and gaming. What I like about video games and SFU eSports is getting to play with my friends and just having fun. I also enjoy the competitive side of gaming due to my background in sports before I started gaming.
Taylor Wong
My name is Taylor and I’m a third year studying in Business Administration and Computing Science. As treasurer of SFU ESports, I deal with funding and grants with the SFSS. I also help organize and plan events. My favourite game to play and watch is League of Legends however I enjoy the occasional game of Smash or Hearthstone. Fostering a community of fellow gamers and ESports enthusiasts at SFU is what drove me to be a part of this organization. I think it’s incredibly exciting to see the development of ESports and as university students, we can be at the forefront of what’s next.
Yuki Andre Yoshioka
Yuki Yoshioka is a third year Business student at SFU's Beedie School of Business intending on concentrating in Finance or MIS. His interest in eSports and the professional League of Legends scene sprouts from discovering the game in 2011. With the rapid growth in the industry throughout the past few years, the business aspects are what interests him as well.
Vincent Wong
Gavin Ko
Graduated from the Beedie School of Business with a concentration in MIS, Gavin was the co-founder and president of SFU’s League of Legends club, who facilitated the transformation of the club into the all-inclusive SFU eSports Association, in hopes of uniting SFU students by sharing their experiences and joy through the similar interest of video games.
Jeff Fu
Co-Founder, League of Legends Collegiate Head Coach
One of SFU collegiate gaming's oldest members, Jeff Fu studied computer science during his time in university. Originally a player on SFU's first Collegiate League of Legends team in 2013, he eventually left his role as a starter and re-signed as a substitute and an analyst. He co-founded SFU eSports in 2016 and has since led the Collegiate League of Legends team as the head coach and manager.