Blizzard's Latest Hero Shooter
Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based and objective-oriented first person shooter game. Released in May 2016, the game features six versus six matches where players choose a unique hero character with various play styles and abilities.

Overwatch features primarily three game modes: Escort, Control and Assault. A Hybrid mode also exists as a combination of Assault and Escort. These game modes revolve around various objectives, such as pushing a payload to its destination with checkpoints in between, two teams trying to secure a control point in a king-of-the-hill style, or one attacking team attempts to secure multiple control points while the other team defends.

There is an increasingly growing esports scene for Overwatch even though it is a relatively young game. Blizzard Entertainment themselves hold the Overwatch World Cup tournaments with teams representing various countries. Other tournaments include the Korean series Overwatch APEX organized by OnGameNet (OGN) and Overwatch Premier Series also organized by Blizzard Entertainment