C-LAN Spring 2018

The SFU eSports Association is proud to present C-LAN 2018, a multi-day gaming LAN bringing together some of the most skilled players in the Lower Mainland.

Location: SFU Burnaby Mountain CSIL Computer Labs
Dates: January 27th-28th
Check-in Time: 10:00am
Tickets: Available on C-LAN Page
Admission: $10 per person

Games (Entry fee $10):

Hearthstone – Battlefy Registration
Super Smash Bros – Registration on Event Day
Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Battlefy Registration
League of Legends – Battlefy Registration
Starcraft II – Battlefy Registration
Overwatch – Battlefy Registration


*Event is open to the public / Computers provided, gaming laptops welcome (Outside desktops not allowed)

It’s finally back! Burnaby’s biggest annual gaming tournament, SFU eSports is proud to announce that C-LAN will be returning to SFU’s Burnaby Mountain campus on January 27th and 28th, 2018.

For team games, both free agent and team entries are welcome! Free agents will be matched up with a team one week ahead of time to find each other and practice!

Tournament Structure: Varies by game, generally Round Robin into playoff format.

Lateness Policy: Up to admin’s discretion. Teams should always be on-site during the designated play periods. If any players leave when required to play during a designated play period, they will be notified and have 15 minutes to be present and ready to play. If said team/player fails to become ready to play within 15 minutes of notified, they will forfeit the game.

Substitution Policy: One substitute player will be allowed per team. A maximum of 5 prizes will be paid out per team, and as a result substitutes are only allowed in full pre-made teams.

Captains will report their team’s score.


Prize Pool will be a 60%-30%-10% split.

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