Welcome back to SFU eSports “What to Watch” a weekly article about some of the matches coming this weekend that we are most excited about.


Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Solo Mid
Saturday, March 18th, 2:00 PM


The final week of the LCS is upon is and the race for playoffs is a close one. Two of the most established organizations in all of esports and the NA LCS’ oldest rivals will battle it out on Sunday for a playoff berth. As the split comes to an end Sunday will decide the long asked question: FreeLG or FreeSM?



The EU LCS is arguably the most competitive place for League of Legends right now. Although the 4 top teams stand out above the rest, the bottom 6 teams are all within one game of each other approaching the final week of the split. It is hard to give a specific game to watch this week when over half the teams in the league are fighting for a playoff spot and every match can decide their post-season fate. Our recommendation? Watch as much as you can, if you enjoy competitive League of Legends I don’t think you will see a match that doesn’t entertain you this week.


London Spitfire vs. Seoul Dynasty
Saturday, March 17th, 8:00PM

Were approaching the end of Stage 2 of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League and Stage 1’s Champions, London Spitfire are looking to compete in title matches next week. This week’s match against Seoul is (arguably) the hardest match they have left of the stage, and if they are looking to compete for the title, it’s winning games like these that need to be won. Tune in this Saturday to see how it pans out.