Welcome back to SFU eSports “What to Watch” a weekly article about some of the matches coming this weekend that we are most excited about.


Spring Split Playoffs – Team Liquid vs. Team Cloud 9
Saturday, March 24th, 2:00 PM

After 4 tiebreaking matches, the stage is set. The NA LCS’s first best of 5 series of 2018 begins this friday when two veterans of the LCS in forever 4th place Team Liquid and 5th place Cloud9 go head to head. The lane to watch in this matchup is probably the bottom lane, where 2 veteran ADCs Doublelift and Sneaky who have lots of experience playing against one another.

Prediction: C9 Win 3-2

Spring Split Playoffs – Team Solo Mid vs. Clutch Gaming
Sunday, March 25th, 12:00 PM

The next day is another best of 5 series between 3rd place TSM and 6th place Clutch Gaming. TSM, the team as old as competitive League of Legends itself faces off against a new organization to the LCS, Houston Rocket’s Clutch Gaming. The lane to watch in this matchup is definitely the 2 Europeans battling in the mid lane. Febiven made a name for himself on Fnatic before transferring to the NA LCS whereas Bjergsen will already go down as one of the NA LCS’s greatest. The result of this battle in the shortest lane in the rift will likely make a big effect on result of the best of 5.

Prediction: TSM Win 3-1


Spring Split Playoffs – Splyce vs. ROCCAT
Friday, March 23th, 10:00 AM

Splyce vs. ROCCAT simply put is a battle of the jungle. I predict that this best of 5 series will all come down to the performance of the junglers, especially the performance of 6th place ROCCAT’s Memento, and if he can keep up with Xerxe. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who would argue the fact the Xerxe, of 3rd placed team Splyce, is the best jungler in the EU LCS. Similarly, you would be equally hard-pressed to find someone who would argue that the performance of Memento typically plays a role in whether ROCCAT wins or loses.

Prediction: ROCCAT Win 3-2

Spring Split Playoffs – Team Vitality vs. H2K
Saturday, March 24th, 9:00 AM

This is a tough one to call. The 4th place Team Vitality have a very different, early game based playstyle then the 5th place H2K who prefer the late game, and their head to head record of 1-1 show how close the matchup is. My prediction is based solely on the fact that although H2K sits lower in the standings, I think they are the better team right now. H2K was 1-7 at one point and now are sitting in a playoff spot after ending the final week of the LCS with 2 wins. Team Vitality on the other hand looks to rely too much on their mid laner Jiizuke. If H2K learn over the 5 game series a way to drag out long games without giving Jiizuke early kills, this series should be theirs to take.

Prediction: H2K Win 3-2


Stage 2 Finals
Sunday, March 25th

Another couple weeks gone and another stage over. This is the final week of Stage 2, and along with that means that it is time for the stage two finals. There are currently 5 teams in the running: New York Excelsior, London Spitfires, Los Angeles Guardians, Seoul Dynasty, and finally Philadelphia Fusion. While no team has secured their spot going into the final week of the stage it is likely to assume that we will be seeing the first three teams mentioned duking it out on Sunday evening for the title. As for Seoul and Philadelphia, it’s looking unlikely but still possible. The finalists will be determined this week’s games and no matter how it shakes out, you’ll want to tune in and watch the finals.

SFU eSports

A new addition to our “What to Watch” weekly instalment, we would like to turn your attention to SFU’s three very own League of Legends teams. All of which are currently hold the first place spot in their respective leagues.

Our CLoL or College League of Legends team faces up against rival school UBC in the Western Conference Semifinals. Last time they faced off head to head SFU beat UBC 3-1 to become the Western Conference Champions and are looking to do the same this weekend.  

Also, our JV 1 team SFU Raccoons play against California State University, Long Beach in the JV1 Playoffs round of 64. Finally, our JV2 teams, SFU Academy play against the U of Northern Iowa in the JV2 Playoffs round of 64.

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